Business Report

Marks in this section are awarded for the following:

  • The general structure of your business and the role each person played in the business e.g. Director, Finance Manager etc… Charts are a good way of illustrating this.
  • Difficulties you came across and how you overcame them. All businesses will experience some difficulties. Marks are awarded for outlining the difficulties you encountered along the way and how you dealt with these.


Remember that your business report is the first impression that the judges get of your mini-company.

Don’t make the mistake of rushing your business report at the end of the programme. It’s a good idea to keep a weekly diary of the work you do each week, problems you come across, how you dealt with them etc….

Then, when you are writing your business report, simply look back over all your weekly diary sheets to remind you of all the hard work you’ve done – and let the judges know about it!

View weekly diary sheets here