Irish Baubles

Where the idea came from …

Ciara got the idea for Irish Baubles from travelling abroad to Christmas markets around Europe. She realised that most towns sold memorabilia of their own communities and she became aware that there was no similar type products available on the Irish market for tourists or locals to purchase.

What are her main export markets..?  

The  baubles are on sale on all five continents with Australasia being very popular. However, they have goneto Russia, South Africa, the USA and of course the United Kingdom, among others. Ciara’s website is payPal enabled. Many of her customers who buy the baubles in Ireland also ship them abroad as theymake an ideal gift at Christmastime to send to loved ones.

Future plans for the business..?

Ciara’s plan is to invest more in the packaging and presentation of her product to increase the product value in the shops. She wants her glassware to become recognisable in outlets and to become the “middle range value” souvenir that the tourist brings home. Branding is also becoming very important to her.

Her Top Tips..?

If you believe in it- go for it! I would not be here if I had listened to all the pundits. Expect the unexpected. Seek help. People are willing to support young entrepreneurs.

Check out Ciara’s website on for more information.