What is the Squeazy???

The Squeazy is an innovative new game, aimed at mainly primary school children.  The game consists of two characters – Drip and Drop – in a liquid filled bottle. The game centres around the science of pressure and water. Using the concept of Cartesian divers, the aim of the game is to squeeze the bottle to try to  catch Drop (with a hook) and Drip (with a loop).

Our 2013 National Winners in the Senior Category, Squeazy, certainly have been very busy since walking away with the top prize in Croke Park last April.

Here’s the low down on what our champs have been up to!

  •  The guys have invested in newly designed packaging for their product as well as making significant investment in marketing, new uniforms, promotional leaflets and a pop-up display stand.
  •  They have sold an impressive 1,700 units through face-to-face sales and also via Paypal.
  •  In May and June of this year the boys delivered a range of Squeazy workshops in many of their local primary schools.
  •  The boys appeared on RTEs TwoTube and KidSpeak to promote their product.
  •  As well as all this the guys managed to fit in time to attend the first annual winners’ Business Bootcamp in University of Limerick this Summer where they got expert advice from business mentors on just how best to develop their product.
  •  Right now the guys are working through getting their CE marking for the product so they can get stocked in some of the larger retail outlets in the country.


Future plans are also afoot with the team on the cusp of launching the Wedding Squeazy, which they are hoping will be launched in flower shops throughout the country.

Remember, these guys started out like many of our current batch of TYs last year – brainstorming potential business ideas for ‘mini-company’ in their classroom … and look where it got them!!! It just goes to show what you can achieve by taking part in the Student Enterprise Awards!  

 For more information on this very impressive team of teen entrepreneurs, log onto www.squeazy.eu