An Tionchar

Our 2015 senior category winner, from St. Brendan’s Community School in Birr, Co. Offaly, came up with her innovative business idea by looking at her main hobby, which was camogie, and brainstorming around problems and solutions in this area.

 ‘An Tionchar’ – is an impact hurling boot that this enterprising young student invented when she was in Transition Year. When playing camogie she had suffered an ankle injury.  When she looked into the options to help her continue playing, adding orthotic insoles into herboots was all that was available. When she did more research into preventing injuries, she realised that she was wearing a soccer boot which was designed specifically to meet the needs of soccer players.

An Tionchar is the first hurling boot of its kind, so what makes it different? The key to An Tionchar is injury prevention and rehabilitation. It is the first ever boot that has been designed to meet the needs of the players of our national games. Hurling and soccer are two very different sports, yet the players wear the same boots. Hurling involves more intricate movements which involve the subtler joints of the ankle. Also, hurlers carry out three times as many jumps as soccer players.  

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