New Student Enterprise Programme Underway!

The 2016/17 Student Enterprise Programme is underway, with an estimated 20,000 + second level school students all over Ireland discovering what it’s like to be an entrepreneur by taking part in our programme!

At this stage most teams have decided on their business idea and are fully into their production schedules. Christmas Trade Fairs next month in many counties will give students their first taste of really getting out there and selling their products to the public.

Keep an eye out here for all important updates on the SEP Programme and also on our social media channels –

  • Facebook: SEAsIreland
  • Twitter: @StudentEntAward
  • Snapchat: StudentAward
  • Instagram: studententerpriseawards
  • YouTube: StudentEnterpriseIE

If you are a teacher or student taking part in this year’s programme, we would love to hear about your team’s progress on any of the above social media channels.

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