What Sort of Business Person Are You? Answer Key

If the pig you drew is: You are:
Towards the top of the sheet You are positive, optimistic with a sunny outlook
Towards the bottom of the sheet You may be a sceptic or somewhat cynical, with a tendency to see the glass as half-empty
Toward the middle of the sheet You are a realist, very pragmatic
Facing left You believe in tradition, are friendly and remember dates e.g. birthdays, anniversaries etc
Facing right You are innovative, creative and active, but may not have a strong sense of family, preferring autonomy. You have a tendency to forget dates
Facing front You are direct, enjoy playing devil’s advocate, not afraid of confronting a bad situation, neither fear nor avoid hard questions or discussions
With many details You are analytical, cautious and somewhat distrustful or wary of others
With few details You are emotional and naïve, you tend to see the big picture, but be impatient with details. You are a risk-taker
With fewer than four legs showing You may be living through a period of change, self-reflection
With four legs showing You have a healthy self-image, may be stubborn, but stick to your principles and ideals
How big are the ears? The size indicates how good a listener you are. The bigger, the better
The length of the tail? This indicates the fun in your life (and, again, more is better!)

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