Examples of Innovative Enterprises

Lots of students want to know more about previous student enterprises that participated in the SEP that were innovative in some way or other.

2008/09 Winning Ideas

Here are 2 examples of the student enterprises students set up in 2008/09 that were based on innovative ideas:

1. Digi I Music (Winner 2008/09 Senior Category)

About the business: The Digi I Music team developed a unique computer programme which allows music to be read on a laptop screen and the pages  turned with the help of a mouse click pedal.

The students from St. Wolstan’s Community School in Cellbridge came up with the idea when they were taking part in a music recital and the pianist’s manuscript fell onto the floor during the performance. The students decided to come up with an idea that would allow the musician turn the pages without using his/her hands.

What makes this innovative? The Digi I Music business idea is new and innovative as there are no similiar products currently for sale on the market in Ireland, which automatically gives this enterprise idea a competitive edge. The students identified a common problem and went about brainstorming until they came up with a workable idea to solve the problem successfully.

2. KIE (3rd place 2008/09 Senior Category)

About the business: The KIE team developed a series of 4 interactive revision CDs for junior cert students.

What makes this innovative? What made this idea unique and innovative is that the CDs not only catered for mainstream learning but also facilitate students with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia. Designed in a concise and digestible format, the revision CDs are compatible with a programme called ‘Read Write Gold’ which is widely used as a learning aid by students with dyslexia. There is  currently no such revision CDs on the market for second level students in Ireland that use the same learning material for mainstream students as well as dyslexic students.

2007/08 Winning Ideas

Here are 3 examples of the student enterprises students set up in 2007/08 that were based on innovative ideas:

1. Farmer On Board (Winner 2007 / 08 Senior Category)

About the business: ‘Farmer on Board’ is a board game that teaches young children about the importance of farm safety.

What makes this innovative? This business idea is innovative as there is no other board game of its type on sale in Ireland. Accidental deaths and injuries on Irish farms each year are a big problem and this board game aims to raise awareness of safe work practices on Irish farms by teaching children from a young age.

2. Moving to

About the company: A community information website that has lots of information to offer for people moving into the Crumlin area of Dublin. For example information on public transport, schools, medical services, local activities etc.

What makes this innovative: This project is innovative again because the students identified that there was no such service currently being offered to people moving into Crumlin. The student enterprise also showed innovation in securing sponsorship from to generate income.

3. Zero Tolerance

About the company: This student enterprise designed and produced a range of badges and key rings to combat the pressure young girls are under nowadays to be a size zero.

What makes this innovative: This business is innovative because it cleverly identified a growing problem in modern day society and came up with an idea to try and combat it. Again, nothing of its type was currently being produced in Ireland and this gave the student enterprises a niche market.

Now that you have a better idea of what the judges are looking for in terms of innovation, go back and look at the ‘Business Idea Directory’ and see if you can put a new and innovative spin on anything.