Choosing roles in your student enterprise

Now that you understand the skills needed to build a strong team, you’ll need to decide on a structure for your own business and the different duties each team member will take on.

The following is a sample structure for a business:

Now it’s time to decide on which duties each team member will take on in your own student business. To help you decide this take a look at the following list of skills needed in your team and see who would be best suited to each:

What skills are needed in your team?

Production skills

  • The skills necessary to make the product.

Organisational skills

  • Making sure that team members are well organised, can get their orders done on time, can arrange and run meetings etc.

Finance skills

  • The skills to cost and price your product or service.
  • The ability to complete financial forecasts and accounts.

Promotional Skills

  • The skills to successfully promote your product or service.

Sales and Marketing Skills

  • These are very important skills, as someone needs to be able to market the product or service and sell it.

Management skills

  • Someone needs to take overall responsibility to ensure that the job gets done.

Ground Rules

When the necessary skills have been identified, you’ll need to set ground rules for yourself and for the team:

  • Agree who will take on responsibility for each of the different tasks
  • Decide on how much time each person is prepared to invest in the business
  • Decide on how your team mates propose sorting out problems/disagreements that may arise