Top tips for Teams

Good teams need work!

Remember, nobody expects your team to work together perfectly from day 1. All successful teams are developed over time by hard work and compromise.

Communication is key!

Good communication is one of the most important aspects of working successfully in a team. This involves

  • Keeping in regular contact with your team mates
  • Letting each other know who is doing what & being clear about deadlines, and
  • Talking through any problems that may arise

Useful Communication Tools

Some useful tools to ensure good communication amongst your team include;

  • Twittering
  • Holding regular team meetings using a Meeting agenda 
  • Don’t hide your problems!
    Some students think that it’s not a good idea to include information about the problems they faced as a team in their business report. In fact the opposite is true! The judges want to learn about the challenges you faced and more importantly how you worked together as a team to overcome them.Keep track of all the obstacles you face as a team and how you overcome these by filling in a weekly diary sheet.