Designing Your Questionnaire

Step1: Design your questionnaire

Now that you know the basics of questionnaires it’s time for you to design your own for your mini-company.

Before you get started have a look at a Case Study and Sample Questionnaire we have prepared as a guide using a fictional company called ‘Pot Luck’.

Now that you’ve read the case study and examined the sample questionnaire it’s time to

>> Design a questionnaire for your mini-company

Step 2: Analyse your results

Once all your questionnaires are completed you should analyse the results. For example, if your questionnaire included questions on price, work out what the average price is that your customers are happy to pay for your product service.

It’s a good idea to compile your results into a graph or bar chart showing the results. This can then be used both in your business report and at your exhibition stand.

Step 3: Make any necessary changes

Once you have analysed your results the next step is to make the necessary changes within your business. This could be a change to the production of the product, pricing, publicity plan etc.

Step 4: Carry out on-going market research

Clever business people realise that market research is an ongoing activity. You should always keep in close contact with your customers to find out if they’re happy and if you can improve your product / service in any way. Adapting your product to continually serve your customers’ needs will go a long way to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.