5 steps to production success

Step 1: Ask yourselves the following questions

  1. Where will I / we produce the product (s) / service?
  2. Who will produce the product (s) / service?
  3. How exactly will the product (s) / service be produced? What steps are involved?
  4. How will the various tasks be organised?
  5. How long will it take to make the product(s) / supply the service?

It’s a good idea to gather your team together at the start of this phase of the student enterprise and answer these important questions before you go any further.

Step 2: Do your product / service research

It’s important before you start making any product or supply your service that you do some research to make sure that you can deliver on the project.

  • If your business is making a product, be sure to identify all of the elements you need for production e.g. any special equipment, materials etc. Find out how much the equipment and raw materials cost and if you can afford them.
  • If your business is a service business then you must make sure that all elements of your proposed service can be delivered to the very highest standard at the proposed cost.

Step 3: Give someone responsibility for production & quality control

This individual should ensure that the product is being made in a cost-effective way and that you are making enough products to meet the needs of your customers.

Whomever is in charge of quality control ensures that the product / service is of the highest quality.

Step 4: Talk to an experienced business person

At this stage it can be very helpful to talk to someone in your local area who is already successfully making a product like yours. Why not ask them for hints and tips about designing and making a quality product?

Step 5: Work as a team

It’s really important that all team members work together to make enough products to meet your customers’ demands. It can be hard work at times, especially if you have lots of other interesting things to do! Holding regular production meetings is a good way of keeping good communication between all members.