Ideas for decorating your display stand

Creating a stunning display stand that will get lots of attention and is sure to wow the judges doesn’t mean spending a fortune! All you need is imagination and a bit of time!

Here are 10 cheap and cheerful ways you can create a dazzling display stand for your business without breaking the bank!

1. Make your logo and name badges using your school printer and stickers

  • Check out clear stickers from suppliers like
  • You can print your logo from you printer onto clear stickers in various sizes. These stickers can then be placed on your table, your walls, your name badges etc.

2. Make your own branded t-shirts

  • If you can’t afford to have your business logo put on your t-shirts professionally then create your own using inkjet transfers and your computer / printer.

3. Check out your colours online

  • When thinking of what colors will go together check out the websites of paint providers e.g. and These websites offer a colour matching facility that can give you some great ideas.
  • Also on Google Colour Wheel there are many websites listed that offer advice on how to match colours effectively.

4. Use spotlights

  • Spotlights are a great way to add oomph to your stand. You can buy battery operated, stick and click-on LED Spotlights in Dunnes, Heaton’s and most DIY stores.
  • Cost as little as 15 euro.

5. Use an aroma

  • Make your own aroma by selecting  an essential oil and recycling a spray bottle.
  • Combine 1 teaspoon of essential oils to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle and spray into the air around your stand.

6. See what’s in your attic!

  • Bits and pieces that your parents may have lying around at home can be surprisinlgy useful.
  • For example, why not use a large old picture frame to hold posters of product development.
  • If possible paint this picture frame with same colour as your logo or product.

7. Use fishing gut

  • Use fishing gut to hang picture frames, products etc…
  • Available in most DIY stores fishing gut is very strong plastic string that can hold heavy weights.

8. Use wall paper

  • Use a wall paper that has the same colors as your product or logo
  • Place a strip on one of the 3 parts of your back drop to accentuate your business colour and make your stand stand out.

9. Look at shop windows

  • Look around at shop windows – are there any ideas you could borrow for your stand?

10. Smile!

  • Remember, one of the most impressive things you can have at your stand is a smiling team ready and willing to sell the benefits of your product to the judges!