Tips For Writing Your Business Report

  1. Presentation is paramount: Remember, your business report is your chance to make a really good first impression on the judges. Make sure you make the layout as attractive as possible. Try some of the following –
    • Including product photos and photos of your team
    • Include sketches, graphs and charts
    • Ensure your report is neat and legible and free from spelling mistakes – it’s a good idea to get someone else to proofread your report before you submit it.
  2. Don’t leave out anything: it’s very important to cover all aspects of your business in your report. Make sure you fill out all headings under the report. If the judges don’t know about something then they can’t give you marks for it.
  3. Be clear & to the point: you may know your business inside out at this stage but don’t assume the judges will. When reading over your report at the end ask yourself the following question – does the report make it clear to an outsider exactly what my business is about?
  4. Don’t forget your mistakes: some students think they shouldn’t include details of mistakes they made in their report as it will reflect badly on them. In fact the opposite is true! By showing the judges what mistakes you made and more importantly how you learned from them, you will gain extra points.


  • Your report can only be a maximum of I0 DOUBLE SIDED or 20 SINGLE SIDED PAGES.
  • You must submit 5 COPIES of your report by the deadline.


Now that you understand what’s involved in writing a business report, use our handy Business Report Template to write your report.

There are guidelines under each of the relevant headings to let you know what information you should include. Get me started