What makes a good display stand?

1. Keep it simple:

  • A good display stand gets your message across well without being overly elaborate or busy.
  • Make sure you don’t have so much going on that the judges find it difficult to focus on one thing.
  • Don’t forget your branding – make sure all team members wear their name tag with your business name and logo on it.

2. Use a visual point:

  • A visual point can work very well at your exhibition stand. For example, a PowerPoint presentation or a laptop with a video playing.

3. Create an interesting back-drop:

  • For example use photos of your product, press clippings, make up posters containing important information such as the results of a survey or testimonials from satisfied customers.

4. Do a practical demonstration:

  • Why not demonstrate how your product was made at your stand?
  • You could also consider using a portfolio, e.g. a photo album with the background on the development of your product/ service – include success stories, testimonials, research and pictures.

5. Customise your stand:

  • With color:  e.g. if your logo is purple, stick with a purple theme at your stand.
  • With movement: catch people’s eyes with something moving at your stand. It could be a video presentation, a live human presentation, something moving up and down, flashing or traveling lights. Whatever it is, it’s an interesting way to capture attention.
  • With light: if you need to need to focus attention on a specific aspect of your stand, consider using extra lights. Remember though to check first with the competition organisers regarding your electrical needs.
  • With sound: e.g. nature sounds such as birds, a rainforest, beach, mountain stream, etc.  if your products are eco in nature.
  • Sound can be a powerful way to draw people to your booth.

Don’t Forget…

To stand back and take a look at your stand!

It is vital that you and your team do a trial run before the event to see how the stand will look and anticipate any problems before the event itself.