Rosso Solini

Since taking the title in 2011, what a journey Tara Haughton has been on!!!

 Tara’s idea for the Student Enterprise Awards was a clever pack that allows women to customise their shoes with a red heel to make them look like designer shoes. She called the product Rosso Solini, which means red sole in Spanish- the idea came to Tara when she was at a wedding in Spain and she spotted that red confetti had gathered on a lady’s shoe and she thought they were designer shoes!!!

 Where is Tara now???

Tara currently employs a team of people in the business, including her own Dad!  Rosso Solini currently exports to 23 countries worldwide including Iceland, Kuwait, Canada and Australia.

 Tara is looking into working with an importing company with over 3,000 outlets in the UK and has also made contact with a US TV shopping channel with a view to stocking her products. Longterm, Tara’s plan is to appoint retail points in Ireland and worldwide, become a design house, sell ideas and get projects up and running using ‘recycling fashion’ as her  route to market.

Top Tips..?

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork! Keep it simple, ask for advice and don’t give up. Keep going and it will work out in the end.

Check out Tara’s products on Facebook at Rosso Solini Shop.