2017/18 Student Enterprise Programme Timetable

  • School registers with the programme through their Local Enterprise Office.
  • Class divides into business groups.
  • Class is normally visited by a Programme Co-Ordinator to brainstorm business ideas and help each group arrive at a viable idea.
  • Each group starts to plan how they are going to make and sell their product or service.
  • Groups start producing their product/service.
  • Individuals within the group are often given responsibility for different aspects of the project, e.g. a marketing or production manager.
  • Groups start to market/sell their product.
  • A record of all the group activities is kept in the form of a business plan.¬†Business Plan templates are normally available from your programme co-ordinator.
  • Groups complete the sales process and finalise their business plan for the school final.
  • School final is held where groups are judged on teamwork, business performance, quality of business plan and quality of display on day of final.
  • School winners are selected to represent the school at the County final.
  • County Enterprise¬†Finals take place and one overall winner is chosen to present the County at the National Final.
  • The judging criteria is the same as at the schools final.
  • The National Finals take place in Croke Park.