Student Entrepreneurs To Appear on Late Late Show!

Mayo Twins Fly the Flag for Student Entrepreneurs on Late Late Show!


Two former participants of the Student Enterprise Programme will appear tonight (February 3, 2017) on the Late Late Show on RTE 1 and will fly the flag for student entrepreneurship in Ireland!!!

Twins, Sarah and Mary Murphy from Gortnor Abbey School in Mayo, will speak to Ryan Tubridy about their very successful company Make A Mark as part of a feature on enterprise through the generations.

Mary and Sarah (now fifth year students) reached the National Final of the Student Enterprise Programme in April 2016 with their invention: Make A Mark.

Since the National Final, they have exhibited at the National Ploughing Championships and Tullamore Show and have set up Make A Mark as a limited company.

About the Product

Farmers need to be able to identify sheep during lambing season (pairing ewes with their lambs) and when sheep are getting their injections and doses.

17-year-old twin sisters, Mary and Sarah Murphy, have designed a product that makes identifying sheep easier, quicker and more environmentally-friendly for farmers.

Their patent-pending invention is a single-handed applicator gun, to apply marking fluid to wool. Uniquely, the product has two separate application nozzles, depending on how the farmer wants to distribute the fluid onto the animal.

Their invention is already on sale in local pharmacies and through an agri-product distribution company. It’s also on trial in Australia, as the sisters plan to target the large number of sheep farmers in New Zealand and Australia.

Make a Mark is a quicker, cleaner and less time-consuming way for farmers to mark their sheep. In the past, farmers would have used a bucket of fluid with a brush or aerosol spray cans.

Each Make a Mark pack costs €60 and includes an applicator gun (which is an adapted grease gun), a nozzle (which is patent-pending) and a cartridge of marking fluid.

Additional refill cartridges can be used with the applicator gun, which are available in a variety of bright colours.  The cartridge is air-tight to keep the fluid fresh and each cartridge contains over 450 pumps of fluid, which can be used to mark 450 sheep.

There are two types of application nozzle, which are both made locally in Mayo. The first nozzle applies the fluid as a single dot, deep into the wool. The second nozzle applies fluid in a straight line, along the back of the sheep.

About the Students

Mary and Sarah, both fifth year students, are from a family of seven and have grown up on a sheep farm in Mayo.

They are ‘hands-on’ when it comes to farming and to help sell their products, they have given many presentations to farming groups, such as the Mayo Blackface Group and the Irish Natura Hill Farmers Association (INHFA).

Best of luck to the girls tonight from everyone at the Student Enterprise Programme! We are all very proud of you!!!