How to use the toolbox


Using the links in the toolbox you can set up an email address for your mini-company with Google mail, Yahoo mail or Hotmail. Setting up an email account can also be a good way of contacting suppliers/customers and keeping in contact with other team members.

Polls & Survey Tools

Poll Daddy and Survey Monkey are useful tools that allow you to create free polls and surveys online to help you with your market research. These can then be added to your blog or company website. All you need to do to get started is create an account at the or website.

Documents & Presentation Tools

Google Docs and Spreadsheets is a free and easy tool that allows you to create and share work with your team mates online for free. It gives you free access to word processing and spreadsheet packages, lets you upload your documents to share with friends online and edit anytime from anywhere. All you need to do to start using Google Docs and Spreadsheets is to set up a Gmail account.

Social Media Tools

Using Social Media websites like YouTubeMySpace and Facebook are a great way of promoting your business online. Try creating a webpage on any of these sites for your mini-company or starting a business blog. You could also make a promotional video for your business and upload it to your website or upload product shots in a photo gallery.