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CPA Ireland Finance Award

With thanks to the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA Ireland), we will be awarding a new Finance Award at our National Final in May 2024. The CPA Ireland Finance Award will recognise excellence in financial management to one stand-out student enterprise.

Quick Tips For Winning Financials

-Create realistic budgets when starting out

-Carry out adequate market research

-Run a tight ship and have a great grasp of what monies are coming into and out of the business at all times

-Devise clever pricing strategies

-Present clear end of year accounts

How To Enter

Include the following financials in your Business Report/Enterprise Poster in advance of the National Final 2024:

  1. Cashflow (projected)
  2. Cashflow (actual)
  3. Profit & Loss Account
  4. Details on your pricing strategy


One overall student enterprise spanning junior, intermediate and senior categories will be awarded the CPA Ireland Finance Award in May 2024:

Winning students: €500 voucher + trophy + certificate

Winning school: €500 voucher

Marking Scheme

Cashflow (projected)20
Cashflow (actual)20
Profit & Loss account20
Pricing Strategy20

What Makes a Good Financial Manager?

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