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Rules & Regulations


  1. Students may enter the competition either as individuals or as a team. There are no limits to the number of students on a team however each business must be represented at the County and National Final by a maximum of 5 students.
  2. All students on a team must be in the relevant year at school, as outlined in the various categories:
    – Junior: 1st year – Intermediate: 2nd and 3rd year – Senior: Transition Year, 4th, 5th, 6th year and Youthreach. (Students must be no older than 18 years old on the day of the National Final).
  3. Students must operate a business and only one entry in each category from each of the participating Local Enterprise Offices may participate at the National Final.
  4. For entry into the National Final the following are the submission requirements:-Senior category students must submit an electronic copy of their business report by the designated date/Junior and Intermediate category students must submit an electronic copy of their business poster by the designated date/Optional visual aids such Powerpoint Slides (max 5 slides) and pictures/graphics may also be submitted. For county final entry requirements, please consult your Local SEP Co-ordinator.
    Student enterprises that have carried out research/planning work on their product/service prior to September of the current academic year qualify to enter the competition.  However, strictly no sales must have been made pre-September of the current year on the product/service in question. A student business that previously took part in SEP can continue to trade under the same business name in this year’s competition but will only be assessed on its delivery of a new product or service. Performance in relation to previously developed products or services cannot form part of any presentation or assessment and existing business profile will be taken into account in adjudication. Social media activity/engagement will only be assessed from the point of new product launch.(SENIOR CATEGORY) Student enterprises that have carried out work prior to September of the current academic year qualify to enter the competition, however strictly no sales must have been made pre-September of the current year. If a student enterprise has been trading prior to this date, they do not qualify to enter the competition. If students have previously taken part in SEP under the junior/intermediate categories, they must enter the Senior category under a new business name & business idea than what was used for any junior cycle activity.
  6. At the National Final in-person event, students are required to set up a display stand at the venue by the designated time (any unusual or large display items must be first approved by the National Coordinator and strictly no live animals are permitted at the venue). All judging will take place at the exhibition stand on the day with each team being interviewed by three judges individually. Students DO NOT have to make a separate pitch on the day.
  7. The judges’ decisions in all matters are final.
  8. All content relating to entries to the SEP are the sole responsibility of the entrant(s), and the Network of Local Enterprise Offices accepts no liability whatsoever for any issues relating to breaches/infringements of issues such as copyright, trademark, or related I.P. by SEP competition entrants, etc. The school shall, as far as practical, ensure that the projects generated under the Programme do not infringe existing trademarks, Intellectual property rights or known patents.
  9. Prizes awarded to winning teams at National Final are non-transferable and will only be awarded in the format as outlined on and in the National Final brochure.
  10. Photographs/video footage taken of students at organised events during the year and at the National Final may be used for promotional purposes on behalf of the Local Enterprise Offices e.g. in the media, in brochures, on LEO/SEP websites and on LEO/SEP social media channels as well as any other promotional /educational material. Our retention policy is that photos/videos are securely deleted from our records after a two year period. Once any media is published you can request its removal should you wish at any stage.