Student Resources

General Resources

students learning log junior
Interactive Student Learning Log – Junior & Intermediate

senior student learning log
Interactive Student Learning Log – Senior Category

Marking Scheme Junior
Marking Scheme

Useful Templates/Forms

senior business report template
Business Report Template

business report cover sheet
Business Report/Business Poster Cover Sheet

powerpoint logo
How To Prepare Your Financials (Step by Step Powerpoint Presentation)

Cashflow Template

Practice Financials

Intellectual Property

intellectual property
Patents Office Information

patents for inventions
Patents for Inventions

intellectual property good practice guide
IP Good Practice Guide

Optional Competitions

My Entrepreneurial Journey Entry Form

Most Creative Business Idea Competition

Product Safety Guidelines
Safety Production GuidelinesDownload PDF


webinar 1 - what does it take to be an entrepreneur
Live Broadcast #1
Being an Entrepreneur

webinar 2 - How to come up with your business idea
Live Broadcast #2
How to come up with your business idea?

webinar 3 - Market Research
Live Broadcast #3
Market Research

Live Broadcast #4
Production & Intellectual Property

Live Broadcast #5
Selling Online (senior category students only)

Live Broadcast #6
Selling for Junior & Intermediate Students

Live Broadcast #7
SEP Interview with new Ambassador Derval O’Rourke

Live Broadcast #8
My Entrepreneurial Journey Competition

Live Broadcast #9
Preparing your Cashflow Account

Live Broadcast #9
Preparing your Income Statement

Live Broadcast #10
SEP Marking Scheme & Judges’ Advice