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2023 National Final Champions

National Finalists 2023

Former Participants – Where Are They Now???

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webinar 1 - what does it take to be an entrepreneur
Live Broadcast #1
Being an Entrepreneur

webinar 2 - How to come up with your business idea
Live Broadcast #2
How to come up with your business idea?

webinar 3 - Market Research
Live Broadcast #3
Market Research

Live Broadcast #4
Production & Intellectual Property

Live Broadcast #5
Selling Online (senior category students only)

Live Broadcast #6
Selling for Junior & Intermediate Students

Live Broadcast #7
SEP Interview with Derval O’Rourke

Live Broadcast #8
My Entrepreneurial Journey Competition

Live Broadcast #9 (Part 1)
Preparing your Cashflow Account

Live Broadcast #9 (Part 2)
Preparing your Income Statement

Live Broadcast #10
SEP Marking Scheme & Judges’ Advice