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Create an App Prototype For Your Student Enterprise

Lots of students each year show an interest in developing an App for their student enterprise. Due to the high cost of developing apps and the length of time it takes from start to finish, this is not usually a feasible option for student enterprise participants.

However, this year, thanks to our new Education Partners Square Root Solutions, we are giving all student enterprises the opportunity to develop an MVP or App Prototype as part of their Student Enterprise Project.

What is an App Prototype?

  • An App Prototype is an application that looks exactly like a real app.
  • It has all the features, graphics and content that a real app would have but without the functionality.
  • It is a quick way to show what your app would look like.

Note: As your App Prototype won’t have full functionality, it’s important to know that it should be used as a support/addition to your business idea and not as your main business idea. As you will not be able to generate any income from your app prototype, it is not feasible to use it as your main idea.

Download our QUICK START GUIDE to start your app development journey

Marking Scheme


Creativity (20 points)

-How unique and creative is the app idea?

-Does it solve a problem in an interesting way?


Ease of Use & Reliability (20 points)

-Is the app easy to use and understand?
-Does it provide a smooth and reliable experience for users?


Market Potential (50 points)

-Is it clear who would use this app and why?

-Is it clear how it will make your business money? (Monetisation strategies, potential revenue streams, etc.)


Engagement (10 points)

-Would people want to keep using the app?

-Does it have fun or interesting features?