Recent Winners


2019 Senior Category Winners

Smooth Remove, an innovative shoe removal aid from the students of Boherbue Comprehensive School in North County Cork, took the top accolade in 2019 at the National Final in Croke Park.

Smooth Remove was inspired when one of the students’ grandparents had difficulty removing their shoes and this enterprising group of young students decided to find a solution to the problem. They created an ergonomic wooden device that helps users with back problems or those with difficulty bending down to easily remove footwear.

More information is available here.


2019 Intermediate Category Winners

Crios Mhadra, from Presentation Secondary School in Castleisland Co. Kerry are the current intermediate category champs with their innovative three point car safety harness for dogs.

These students are a great example of how you can turn a hobby/interest into a business idea.

More information is available here.


2019 Junior Category Winner

Specrest is a very clever idea developed by a 1st year student from Malahide-Portmarnock Educate Together School in Fingal .

The product is a holder for glasses that slides onto your clothing. The glasses slip through the holder and it keeps them secure at all times. The idea came to the student when she saw her Mum who is a nurse struggle with her glasses constantly falling off at work.

More information is available at @specrestireland

Abbey Bread


2018 Senior Category Winner

Abbey Bread, the brainchild of a Transition Year student from Cistercian College in Roscrea, took the top accolade in 2018 at the National Final in Croke Park.

The Abbey Bread product is a wholemeal bread mix inspired by a 100-year-old recipe from the monks from Mount St Joseph Abbey in Roscrea.

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Lift Arm Assist


2018 Intermediate Category Winners

Lift Arm Assist is an innovative product that was developed by three students from Kilkenny. It is a hydraulic arm that replaces the lift arm stabiliser on the back of a tractor.

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Complete Caman


2018 Junior Category Winners

Complete Camán is an all-in-one training hurley developed by five female first year students from Kerry. The product is aimed at those starting off in hurling who have never played before or those who want to improve their skills. It features colour coded handprints which show the correct position to place your hands on the hurley.

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