Exploring Enterprise at Greenhills College in Dublin

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teachers senior resourcesOur school Greenhills College has had great success in The Student Enterprise Programme for many years. In the last number of years it has been run by two business teachers – Una McNamara and Maria Donoghue. The Enterprise Club has been run as an extra curricular activity during lunchtime and we also ran the club pre COVID on a Tuesday evening from 4pm to 5pm.

This enables students who have an interest in enterprise to further develop their business skills. We have had some great ideas through the years for both products and services alike. Enterprise has become an integral part of our school and we are very proud of the fact that our students have managed to get to the National Final in Croke Park on three different occasions.

We have had 1st place winners in both our Junior and Intermediate categories over the years. Our students are always very enthusiastic about their products from idea generation stage right through to product development. We encourage and nurture any ideas that our students have and this has led us to the success that we have had as a school in the Student Enterprise Programme.

As a result of taking part in the programme our students develop a self-belief and a realistic belief in their own abilities. They also develop key skills around being able to take their own initiative and in doing this being able to work on their resilience in terms of their attitude to failure. Being able to get back up and again with a new idea and further develop their entrepreneurial skills.

The Student Enterprise Programme has been instrumental in our school being able to embed enterprise as integral part of our school and has been fundamental in developing life skills for our students for their future lives.


by Maria Donoghue & Una McNamara, Enterprise Teachers at Greenhills College, Walkinstown, Dublin 

SEP Social Media Awards 2021

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2020/21 SEP National Social Media Awards

The Student Enterprise Programme is delighted to announce that we will once again be awarding three prizes in the area of social media at the National SEP Final on Friday 16th May 2021.

The awards are open to all students nationwide taking part in the SEP 20/21, not just those who make the National Final.

Students will be judged on their performance on various social media platforms for their student enterprises over the course of the year – how well they interacted with their customers on social media, how creative they were with their social media campaigns and how they maximized social media for the betterment of their enterprises.

Award Categories:

  • Most Effective Social Media Campaign             €250
  • Most Creative Use of Social Media                     €250
  • Most Interactive Business on Social Media      €250

How to Enter:

To enter, simply complete the social media award entry form and return to the address provided on the form by 16th April 2021.

Please note: The social media awards are marked independently of the main marking scheme at the SEP National Final and therefore student enterprises that do not operate social media accounts for their business are not disadvantaged in any way as a result.

The Man In The Mirror!

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The Man In The Mirror!

– a lookback by a former SEP winner on his journey to entrepreneurship

Hi. I’m Jack and I took part in the Student Enterprise Programme in 2019, winning the ‘Best Commercial Potential’ prize at the National Final with my company Mirr (www.mirr.tech). Well over a year later and I’m still working on Mirr and we are preparing to step into the world of manufacturing.

Mirr is a touch screen smart mirror. This was new technology and the business was driven on innovation, but through the process of bringing it from a cool piece of engineering to a product I had to make sure it was something people actually wanted. Not that I was just making something for me.

This distinction of who the innovation was for was perhaps the most valuable learning I gained from the experience; the value of feedback and testing in innovation.

All businesses are selling solutions to a problem -and whether you’re coming up with a solution to an unsolved problem, or offering an alternative to an existing solution, you’re still innovating. The easiest way to make sure you’re on the right track is to test your solution and take in feedback from your users. The best way to start this is to clearly outline the problem you aim to solve, and find people with the same issue. Present them your solution and take any and all feedback, making sure to keep notes and document it all.

Here are my top tips!

-I’d recommend inserting each feedback session into a spreadsheet, trying to quantify as much as you can. That way you can easily identify trends, problems and recommendations. The next stage is to use this feedback to make changes to your product, then rinse and repeat as frequently as necessary.

-I would encourage early on in the product development to test and innovate the product as frequently as possible.

-Don’t wait to add multiple changes at once, implement each change after a feedback session and then document and test it again. That way not only are you showing constant acceleration in innovation but if you make a change that negatively affects the solution it’s much easier to identify and you wont spend valuable time and effort developing a feature that may not work. It’s also a great way to keep implementation simple, innovation is rarely about the complexity of the input.

-If you plan to implement in the a barebones version of a feature you can then receive feedback on it and choose to only develop the useful aspects of it – simplifying the input but keeping the desired change in the output. This is in essence an off-shoot of the ‘Lean Development Method’ but simplified and generalised not just for software development. If you’ve further interest in the Lean Method, there’s a great guide by Roadmunk (https://roadmunk.com/guides/lean-development/)

That’s all I’ve got – I wanna keep this simple and to the point. If anyone is taking part this year in the Student Enterprise Programme and would like any advice or just feedback on anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at MIRR. We can be found on Instagram or twitter @mirr_ire or feel free to email jack@mirr.tech

Best of luck!


 2020/21 SEP National Intellectual Property Awards

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 2020/21 SEP National Intellectual Property Awards

The Student Enterprise Programme is delighted to announce that we will once again be awarding three prizes in the area of Intellectual Property at the National SEP Final on Friday 14th May 2021.

The awards are kindly sponsored by The Intellectual Property Office of Ireland and are open only to students taking part in the National Final 2021.

Students will be judged on their understanding of the area of IP for business and how they considered the various IP issues in relation to their own student enterprises. For example, how a team researched the uniqueness of their brand, identified IP rights owned by others that they need to request permission for,  and if and how they have looked into how to protect their own IP for their student enterprise.

Award Categories:

  • Intellectual Property Award (Junior Category)             €200 voucher + trophy + cert
  • Intellectual Property Award (Intermediate Category) €250 voucher + trophy + cert
  • Intellectual Property Award (Senior Category)             €300 voucher + trophy + cert

How to Enter:

Senior Category: Students should include a section on Intellectual Property in their business report submitted for the National Final which must be submitted by Friday 16th April 2021 to our National Co-ordinator.

Junior & Intermediate Categories: To enter, students should include a section on Intellectual Property as a one page appendix to their business poster submitted for the National Final which must be submitted by Friday 16th April 2020 to our National Co-ordinator.

All entries should be submitted to our National Co-ordinator by the Local SEP Co-ordinator in your region.

2021 Virtual National Final Date

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National Final 2021: Friday 14th May 2021 (VIRTUAL EVENT)

Business Report/Business Poster Deadline: Friday 16th April 2021



  • Mini-Company: Overall winners in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories at County Finals go forward to compete at the National Final.
  • ‘My Entrepreneurial Journey’: Overall winners at County Level go forward to be considered for national prize.
  • ‘Most Creative Business Idea’ video competition: Overall winners at County Level go forward to be considered for national prize.

2020-21 Student Enterprise Programme Launching Soon!!!