‘My Entrepreneurial Journey’


How the Competition Works:

Students get to imagine their life as an entrepreneur at a future stage of their life – it can be in 5 years, 10 years or 40 years’ time! They must imagine themselves as having set up a business or organisation and been on an entrepreneurial journey and they will tell us the story of their fictitious business, highlighting what they learned about being an entrepreneur on the way.

Students must complete 4 elements to enter the competition:

(1) They must write an account of their entrepreneurial life story in no more than 500 words

(2) Students must also produce an A3 poster as a visual display/storyboard of their imagined entrepreneurial journey. This should be the story of their business or organisation, based on the 10 point enterprise plan.

(3) As part of the project students must also interview a local entrepreneur in the community to learn about what is involved in setting up and running a company/organisation.

(4) Reflection Sheet.

Entry Deadline

Please note that the deadline date for submission of entries for this competition varies from county to county so please check with your allocated Local Student Enterprise Co-ordinator for the correct deadline for your region.

Full competition information available HERE

Download entry form HERE